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Don't Miss the opportunity to enjoy the Bio Bay, in a safe environment for you and your family or group. We can arrange private tours we need a minimum of 2 people and we can arrange with reservation up to 120  people. Compared to other Bio 

Bays in Puerto Rico much has been said about our Parguera Bio Bay in order for Tourism to boom on the East in the late '90s early 2000' a negative campaign was establish by Kayak and boat companies  on the East. With the Navy leaving the Island 

of Vieques, Mosquito Bay was available for all Puerto Ricans and Tours started to be developed between both of these Bio Bays by that time the Tourism company started a negative campaign towards La Parguera Bio Bay, that the Pollution has 

killed the Glow in La Parguera Bio Bay, all of this is a BIG LIE. For local Puertoricans this is the only Bio Bay they know and we called the "Phosphorescent Bay" at least 98% of Puerto ricans never been at any other Bio Bay. By that said the 

Parguera is Divided by 3 Bio Bays, Bahia Monsio Jose which is the one close to the Town and people go to the Mangrove channels and is affected at this time by the same thing is affecting the Fajardo Laguna Grande Sewer discharge in the Channels 

of la Monsio Jose so on the Channels are hit or Miss. La Parguera Bio Bay this is the original Bio Bay that due to new restrictions and protection by our DRNA this Bio Bay don't get the same amount of people like Laguna grande or Mosquito Bay on 

Vieques ,so the concentration of Dynoflagellates has grown and now is one of the most brilliant surpassing Laguna Grande in Fajardo and Mosquito Bay. There is a Bio Bay 3 in order to protect the integrity of this Bio Bay we cannot publish the name 

of it but I will assure you that this Bio Bay Glows like any other due to favorable conditions for this Bio Bay not only that this particular Bio Bay has a Different Pyrodinium never been seen only by local fisherman.

Laguna Grande is Part of the Natural Reserve of las Cebezas de San Juan Around 14 Kayak companies and 2 Electric Boat at any given time you may encounter 600 people on a channel that is not more than 7 feet wide and 2 boats plus locals and 

local boats. Not recommended  for kids under the age of 8 and must be good swimmer because due to so many People Kayak Bumping could tilt your kayak. Belive me there is not a  good feeling on tilting your Kayak in the middle of darkness with 

your Kids.

Vieques Mosquito Bay, this is a wonderful Bio Bay but in order to get there you must spend one night in Vieques and take the ferry from Fajardo. Please book with a good company and certify by DRNA and Endorsed by Tourisim Swimming is not 

Permitted on Mosquito or Laguna Grande. It could be expensive .

La Parguera Bio Bay- Located 1:45 mins from San Juan - 35 mins From Ponce  Mercedita Airport, 1 Hour from Aguadilla "BQN" or  Rincon and 2:15 hors from Humacao and Fajardo, is convenient  for families to enjoy not only the sight seen of 

Puerto Rico but the wonders of La Parguera. As a Mother and Eco Tourist Guide I have to expose this for the security of our Visitors to the Island and to have a good time.

Our company has stop providing  Guided tours in Laguna Grande due to this risk factors and condition but if you are an experience kayaker we provide rental equipment and you can do it on your own.

La Parguera we provide Guided Kayak Rental and Bio Bay Boat tours. From San Juan with Transportation is 100 per person. with a minimum of 4 people  for transportation to be offer from San Juan , Fajardo , Humacao or Ponce.